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This wiki provides lyrics for a Firefox extension YouTube lyrics. The extension injects lyrics into YouTube (music) videos you are playing. The videos are not effected, only the users of this extension will see the lyrics. If you own the YouTube video, you can add subtitles instead, that require no extensions from the viewers. Here's a random lyrics page, if you'd like to see an example.


YouTube with lyrics


editing lyrics on wiki


YouTube is visible on left side with lyrics shown and as well as a link to the lyrics wiki page. On the right side the lyrics wiki page is open showing the button to edit the lyrics and a link to the video the lyrics are for.

How can I add/edit lyrics?Edit

  1. Install the YouTube lyrics Firefox extension
  2. Play a video of your choice at YouTube
  3. Click the lyrics link on top of the YouTube page with the middle mouse button (for new tab). This opens the correct page for the current video in this wiki.
  4. If the wiki says "Article ... was not found", just click "Create article ..."
  5. You may want to drag the wiki tab into another browser window, so that you can see the video and wiki at the same time
  6. Find the lyrics for your video and paste them in the wiki page
  7. Pause the video between each sentence (for example). If you are struggling with this, lower the playback speed to 0.75 or 0.5 (0.25 mutes audio).
    1. The space bar is a quick way of pausing&resuming the video on YouTube
    2. Click the current time on the video player's toolbar to copy a time tag, for example "(4:09.6)"
    3. Paste the time tag into the page in the location that matches the video's position
    4. To create a gap without text, just add another consecutive time tag.
  8. Click "publish"
  9. If the wiki says your IP will be logged, click "publish" again

What's so special with this extension/wiki?Edit

You can read the lyrics as you listen to a song on YouTube, instead of having to search for them and find the right section. Not all songs have a lyric video on YouTube and many of the lyric videos get taken down, because the user doesn't own the copyright for the audio. This solution only handles lyrics which can be shared freely. The lyrics posted here can be displayed on official music videos. It is faster to create lyrics here instead of editing&posting a lyric video. These lyrics can be submitted/edited/corrected by anyone at any time.

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